Dipping at Taklong Island and More

When you go to Guimaras, it is definitely a crime not to soak into the clear blue waters which seemingly invite you to plunge. One can’t resist the urge to get beachin’ and swim while the sun shines down.

In order for one to enjoy, it’s a must to find a good place to stay the night. My group was lucky to have found this homestay in Barangay Cabalagnan, Nueva Valencia which cost us very little yet providing us so much comfort.



However, the mode of transportation in this area is an issue given the limited trip schedules to and fro Brgy. Cabalagnan. During our stay we hired a van (which is very affordable since there are 11 of us traveling). and the pumpboat is at 500 pesos for the first hour and 150 pesos for every succeeding hour.


Island hopping is imperative when traveling to Guimaras. You can’t miss out these lovely islands and islets.


Taklong Island National Marine Reserve is a protected area in the island. It is home to diverse marine life and sea birds including the Tabon bird which is endemic to the protected area.


The pathwalk going to the viewing deck in the Protected Area office of TINMR.


The Protected Area houses the most beautiful and pristine mangrove forest.


The Sapa Malawig is a long stretch of stream lined by mangrove on parallel side.









The Balas Balabag is a sand bar where one can enjoy a sunbath and swim among sea grass.



All these and more awaits you when you are in Guimaras. So book your next trip early and head on to the “mango country”.






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