A Taste of Guimaras: where food and art meet

Guimaras has gained its infamy from its sweet-tasting mangoes which was considered to be the sweetest in the world. This small island province in Visayas stand in mostly limestone which is a good fertilizer for their plantation.


One has too many options in getting to the island. From Iloilo City, taking the pumpboat to Buenavista port would take you less than 20 minutes. From Negros Occidental, you may take a ferry from Bacolod City to Iloilo City, pumpboat from Pulupandan for 70 pesos or Valladolid for 140 pesos.


Once you arrived, there are plenty of vans that shuttle you to your destination but food trippin’ can be enjoyed in Jordan, the capital of the province.

We took our trip last May 22 when the Manggahan Festival hype is at its peak. Mangoes and every food manufactured out of mangoes are overflowing showcasing the sweet culture of Guimarasnon




There is so much food around the corner and i cannot contain myself to try them all myself. For the first time, I have tried this Trappist Mango Bars and it tastes exquisite with flavors of Guimaras mango bursting in your taste buds. Something new for me.


Wait there’s more, you just gotta try their mango lengua, otap and piaya. These are not your usual treats with just the right amount of sweetness to spoil your sweet tooth. These are going to be my newest guilty pleasures.



Here’s your bonus treat, their mouthwatering mango and guava jam perfetly paired with their mango biscocho and freshly brewed coffee. To enjoy more of their products visit http://www.trappistfood.com.ph.


If you have stiff budget on your trip you can still enjoy the food at the festival with the all-time street foods among their kiosk. After all, it is the experience you are after.



Food and more food awaits you at Manggahan Festival.



Some of the kiosks displays their ingenuity with handicrafts carefully made by their local artists. One can’t help but admire how skillfully the details were put in each artwork.

Like this chandelier-inspired ornament made out of assorted sea shells.




These bits and pieces are just sneak peek to what awaits you when you are in Guimaras. Go ahead and plan your next trip to this humble island.