Going Underwater at Danjugan Island

Sometimes, the jewel of a place just lie silently faraway from the prying eyes and disturbance of most tourists. One of the gem of Negros Occidental can be found in the municipality of Cauayan.


Danjugan Island is a 43-hectare marine sanctuary which is a home to some grey-tip sharks, Muray eels and some of the country’s most beautiful coral reef formation.dan2

Located approximately 156 kilometers from Bacolod City, one can then enjoy the tranquil environment Danjugan Island has to offer.


The package rate of the sanctuary is 2,950 per person staying overnight at the cabana, while 3,950 per person staying overnight at the villa with private toilet and bath. All packages are inclusive of meals during the stay. Guests can enjoy sumptous meals at the island’s canteen while watching the Murray eels swim underneath.


Upon arrival, guests are required to attend the mandatory briefing regarding the island’s history, the conservation efforts, the various spots to visit and regulations governing the area. The management is very strict with the use of electricity. They prohibit the charging og electronic gadgets after 10 pm. Also since the island is far from the mainland, water is scarce. Thus, guests are encourage to observe one pail of water for every person to be used for bathing.


When everything’s set, you can go ahead and roam around the island. Enjoy a number of lagoons, bat caves, sand bars and beach front.dan5

The island also boasts a magnificent mangrove forest thriving on lime stones. The sand bars are pearly white coral rubbles and gives you a certain feel of Maldives of Bora.dan6dan7

Also a floating which is a nice spot for lovers, group or family to huddle up and chit-chat while waiting for the boat.

But if there is one better thing to do when in Danjugan Island, that is to go scuba diving.


Just take a look at the clear blue waters seemingly inviting you to take a dip. Pity i didn’t bring an underwater camera with me, I would have captured the enormous coral reef formations and colorful marine life underneath.


So when you’re ready to take a plunge, grab your SCUBA gear and head on to the waves of Danjugan Island.



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