The Foodie Affair

When you’re sick of all the mediocre, boring recipes your grandma taught you… or when you decide that the skyrocketing prices of the four-michellin star restaurants are not worth your dime, its high time to spice up your kitchen with the good old organic ingredients readily available in the market.

Grab your spatula, your waddle and get your flour sprinkling on the kitchen table.


Sometimes all you need some ingenuity and artistry to level up that pan and start cooking some savory meal.

culi 7.jpg

The Mulberry Compote


Not your usual pickled relish… the Batuan pickle!


The Guintubdan green salad, made from blanched Okra, Pako pako fern, Sayote tops garnished with Mango puree.


Kanlaon Lava Cake is made from the finest of Canlaon City’s Tablea (or cocoa tablets).


The delectable morning glory pie. I need a slice of this treat.


Deep-fried quail stuffed with local spices. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.


Pan-fried squash pizza using homemade dough.


And more pizzas to feast on. Squash pizza. Eggplant pizza. Pako pako fern pizza. All the stuffs a vegan would crave for. Plus, they are all topped with cheddar cheese.

culi12.jpgAnd finally the Guintubdan delight. A platter of Purple Yam delight, topped with fried quail egg, garnished with deep fried quail legs and spiced quail sausage. My mouth is literally watering. I’m craving for this one.



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