Pasalamat Festival and the Garden Show

Philippines is at its liveliest mood every summer as festivities of different local government units are commemorated. This is the time when tourists, both local and foreign storm country to witness the infamous merriment and celebration.

Located 45 kilometers from Bacolod City, lies the humble yet resource-rich city of La Carlota. The place is famous for their sugar cane industry, plus they have their own sugar milling company. Moreover, it is a component LGU of the Mount Kanlaon Natural Park where its flag-bearer, Sitio Guintubdan was featured on a separate post.

This 2017, the city marks its annual Pasalamat Festival which runs from April 24-30. One of the main attractions for their festival is their agro-trade fair where they showcase their local produce.


What caught my attention when I attended the festival was a long line of kiosk for their garden show. All sorts of ornamental plants from rose, succulents, flowering plants, bonsai, dish gardens and organic products are displayed on the sidewalk.


I couldn’t help myself but snap some photos of the eye-gasmic plants. They sure are displaying.



The artistry of the locals portrayed in this creative ensemble of dish garden.


As part of tehir celebration, they encouraged their garden-fanatics to join in their dish garden competition.


More dish gardens for you to enjoy.


And another dish garden.


Just look at that craftsmanship. This must be a winner.

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They also have other crafts. Like their famous icons, the Bagon (train wagon) and the Catholic Parish Church made of different media such as clay, scrap wood, etc.

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The succulents.


The hydrangea.

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Orchids. Lots of orchids. Vanda Doctor Anek, Vanda Red Fairy, Golden Sunset, Mokara orange and Dendrobium are just few to mention in a wide array of orchid displayed.


So what are you waiting for? Hurry and go check these garden shows while they are still available and be awe-struck by how much beauty La Carlota City offers.



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