Balinsasayao Twin Lakes: Double the Fun!

Located approximately 12 kilometers west of Sibulan, Negros Oriental is the breath-taking Balinsasayao Twin Lakes. Its name was actually coined from its larger lake, the Balinsasayao Lake while the smaller one is known as Danao Lake.


Both Lakes are stunning on their own and offers all the wonderful views a nature fanatic is looking for.

The place is actually a protected area declared under Proclamation 414 in 2000 and is currently governed by Republic Act 7586 or the National Integrated Protected Area System.


Getting to the lakes is no easy feat as the roadway constantly ascends to an elevation of more than 800 meters above sea level. More so, the narrow way winds endlessly so  you can afford to view the thick vegetation on the cliffside.


Once you get to the information center, you will be stopped by the guards on duty as the path leading further is one-way road. The guard will send a radio communication that an incoming vehicle is heading up so as to avoid collision and untoward incidents.


Moreover, you can enjoy sumptous treats in their native pantry. Have a sip of their refreshing buko juice and sweet banana-langka turon.


If you wish you can also camp out in the area and succumb to the cool breeze and dew. Kayaking and boating is also available for visitors at 150 pesos and 250 pesos, respectively.



The Guintabon Dome, is one of the sights to behold in the Protected Area because of its characteristically dome-shaped formation and is covered in primary and secondary dipterocarp species. It is viewed right outside the balcony of the native restaurant.


Under Proclamation 414, a total of 8016.50 Hectares covers the Balinsasayao Twin Lake Natural Park with its expanse extending to the municipalities of San Jose, Sibulan and Valencia in Negros Oriental. The surface water of the larger lake extends to 76 hetares with a maximum depth of 90 meters, while the smaller lake Danao spans 30 hectares and a maximum depth of 58 meters.


So if you’re looking for a place quiet and serene, where soul-searching comes in affordable, then Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park is your go-to place. What are you waiting for? Shrug off the city dirt, meditate and be one with nature.


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