MKNP: The Wasay Adventure

Wasay. Ok I get it, you haven’t heard of this place though. One, this place is not readily accessible to public transport. Two, your regular car cannot easily get through unless you have a frontdrive (good thing, the LGU is starting to improve the road and will soon be accessible by car).

Make no mistake, Sitio Wasay, Brgy. Minoyan in Murcia has a pristine ecology, rich biodiversity and serene scenery.

Its humble trails in MKNP is lined with Lauan, Mahogany and native species. As soon as you step in, you will be welcomed by the cool shade, almost giving you a micro-climate. The treetops will be your canopy as you hike or bike along its paths.


The forested area is home to the endemic species of Negros Island. It was so bad I don’t have a long range camera, I would have captured the rare birds and butterflies found in the area. Anyway, I had the chance to photograph the world’s largest flower, Rafflesia speciosa


wasayWasay is not just rich in wildlife, it also offers a number of scenic spots worthy of mention.

They have some amazing rock formation.


And we have some structures such as the Wasay Ranger Station of DENR and the multi-purpose hall available for official functions.


But what else is there to do when you’re in Wasay? I would suggest, Biking. If you’re into trail biking, then this place suits you best. With its terrain and some obstacles, you surely can’t get enough of that adrenaline pumping while cycling your way down. All these, while succumbing to the beauty of nature.


What else is there to say? Go ahead and experience Kanla-on, the Heart of Negros.


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