The Mount Kanla-on Natural Park

This post is just an introduction to a series of blogs I will be publishing regarding the majestic peak of Negros Island Region, the Mount Kanla-on Natural Park (MKNP).

I am lucky enough to be working in one of the most famous volcanoes of the Philippines, and dubbed as the “Heart of Negros”. Boasting a towering height of 2,465 masl, and a land area of 24, 388 hectares, the volcano is sliced by six Local Government Units (LGU) namely Murcia, La Castellana, La Carlota City, Bago City and San Carlos City in  the province of Negros Occidental and Canlaon City in the province of Negros Oriental. It is the most active volcano in Central Philippines.

MKNP has been an enticing tourist spot for adventure-seekers, both amateur and professional trekkers alike. However, it has been closed trekking and placed under alert level 1 by DOST-PHIVOLCS since 2015. Thus, entry to the 4-kilometer permanent danger zone is STRICTLY prohibited.

However, despite the alert status, a number of illegal trekkers are still flocking the area, especially during summer. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) through the office of Protected Area Superintendent (PASu) are exerting efforts, despite limited manpower, to prevent these activities which poses danger to both trekkers and the protected area itself.

In this series, I will be featuring other ecotourism sites around MKNP which offers equally note-worthy and breath-taking aesthetics.These are the alternative go-to’s for millenials who are nature enthusiasts and instagram-aficionados at the same time. Have fun and enjoy!!!


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