MKNP: The Guintubdan Escapade

What is there that Mount Kanla-on has to offer aside from its seemingly difficult to reach crater? One may ask. But for starter, MKNP is a natural beauty just as soon as you step into the foot of the mountain.

One of its six LGUs, La Carlota City’s number one ecotourism destination is the humble yet lovely Sitio Guintubdan, Brgy. Araal.

How to get there? Easy.

From Bacolod City South bus terminal, you may ride an airconditioned bus bound for La Carlota City. It would cost you around 40 pesos on a one-hour drive. Once you get to La Carlota, you can flag down a tricycle and ask the driver to drop you off at Guintubdan Terminal. It would cost you 8 pesos. Once there, take the jeepney and your 30-peso fare will bring you all the way to Sitio Guintubdan.

What’s waiting in Guintubdan?

Waterfalls. A bunch of waterfalls are going to welcome you there. You have several options to choose from: Busay Isi, Busay Dalupya, Busay Kapid, Busay Gamay, Busay Oro, Busay Buslugan, Busay Abaga and Busay Oro (Busay is the hiligaynon term for waterfalls) . You are going to literally chase waterfalls.


Probably one of the infamous of the waterfalls in the area, Busay Isi (isi means zigzag) is not your usual sight. While most waterfalls drain their water directly downward, Isi is draining its water at 40 degrees giving an amazing trajectory. The angle provides a canopy of water  where you can bathe in a simulated rainfall. Plus the jaw-dropping rock formation enveloping the area makes it instagram-worthy.


Next stop, would be Busay Dalupya. Located just inside the infamous Guintubdan Pavillion, this waterfall is appropriate for wedding pre-nup with its cool mist you can’t get enough of this treat.

Possibly one of the most sought-after waterfalls in SItio Guintubdan, this twin falls (Busay Kapid) boast one of the most magnificent sight to behold. Tourists frequent this area to dip in the cool waters draining below. Plus, a portion of drainage forms a curtain where you can shower while enjoying the awesome rock formation around. See picture below.curtain

The last three waterfalls are located on relatively higher elevation, so entry will challenge your stamina. Gotta burn some fats and enjoy the enthralling sceneries.


Busay Abaga is probably the shortest and smallest among the waterfalls featured here. But make no mistake. This minute body of water offers the same cool effect its other bigger counterparts.


The Golden Waterfalls, or locally known as Busay Oro is yet another natural beauty. It could have gotten its name from the presence of yellow rock formation in the area. Need I say more?

The last but definitely, not the least in my bucket list is the Busay Buslugan.


In November of 2016, after the latest phreatic explosion of Mount Kanlaon, Busay Buslugan dried up, losing its majestic beauty. But in few months time, the waters returned and drained down all the ashes that fell. Now the once boring channel has come back to enchant its visitors.

There’s just so much to see when you get to Guintubdan. MKNP has definitely so much more to offer than just the volcano itself. So when you have your next summer outing, consider these spots I just presented. Have fun!


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